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Super Apartment Bros - The Animated Series That Was

2014-05-23 19:34:56 by SuperApartmentBros

Super Apartment Bros follows three video game characters living together in a pixel based apartment run by old man Mario. Their daily adventures and misadventures are collected on Youtube and are being brought over to New Grounds because we were told you folks like this kind of stuff.

Series has been on hold for a very long time, and though we'd love to, (read LOVE), to get back into making the series again in full swing, life has come a knockin' hard for most of the original team. Main the chore of trying to find a real job. Well, maybe 2014 will see us revisit the series again, finish the two part grand finale and explore all those ideas we had for a second 2.

What with Kickstarter, the Frederator Network and Patreon all out there, maybe there is hope for more content from the SAB universe yet. Maybe the writers will just have to buck down and learn Flash on their own and fudge things on their own. Who knows. Hope you enjoy the episodes we did produce.

If you do enjoy it, I encourage you to Like the Facebook page here and to let us know you had a laugh! It could really help us get back to this. Honest.


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