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Hi To Newgrounds

2013-05-26 00:27:20 by SuperApartmentBros

A comedy webseries about three video game characters who share an apartment. Oh, and Mario is their landlord. Humor rated T for Teen.

The main cast consists of Griffin; the retired space marine, Igam; the sarcastic mage, and Sophie; the hot tempered, cat-girl ninja-princess.

Official Website:



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2013-05-30 04:09:50

I really liked you stuff,I want to see more.Keep up the good work.

SuperApartmentBros responds:

Thanks! We've got more to come, and it only gets better from the first one! ;)


2013-06-01 20:34:42

Hey, it's me, Griffin! :) Glad to see you posting these on here. Hopefully they can drum up a good audience.

SuperApartmentBros responds:

Yeah, good to connect with you on here! Luke and I had been meaning to start spread the series out on more sites and we finally just got around to it. Seems like people are liking the first ones enough, so we'll probably get all of the episodes up over the course of the next month or so. Hoping to build some more fans and interest so we can look into doing more new stuff. We'll keep ya posted!